O like… Peanut

On stage a wooden chair and a small black screen. Stoppino, like a living continuation of the scenery, seize his audience with a gesture, a rhythm or a look. Stoppino like the one of a candle or a bomb, is gently preparing himself to explode from one moment to the next.
A roll of sellotape, a small cardboard box, these are ordinary, everyday objects, but in Stoppino’s hands they defy gravity and become the tools of a chance juggling.
At the end of the show, with his practice of the essential, Stoppino uses scenery, objects and audience; he disassembles, transforms and counterbalances them, making them the protagonists of his finale in a domino effect. In this show, Stoppino, whether the everyday juggler or the peanuts seller, becomes a sensitive architect that builds for his audience an ironic vision of the ordinary and of human nature.

In “O like… Peanut”, Stoppino (Wick in Italian), like the one of a candle or a bomb, presents a succession of unique and moving pataphysical demonstrations. Poet of the invisible, he manages to amaze with simple, but never foreseen things. Like a dynamite fuse which catches fire, he manages in a moment to destabilize the audience, even just by speaking in his invented or mixed language without boundaries.