Intensive Clown Workshop

The Clown’s Movement

Held by Andrea Menozzi

I’m a clown, and I collect moments.

- Heinrich Böll

In every one of us lives a clown. Allowing the clown in you to exist is possible through embarking on a journey to discover him, investigating your nature, your physical and personality traits, being able to recognize them, sharing them and laughing about them in any way possible.
This intensive 3 day workshop offers the tools and situations to research and, most of all, to recognize the moments in which your own clown appears.
A clown lives moment after moment, feeds on the present living it totally and fully.
A clown exists as long as an audience is present and suffers, rejoices, shares his own sources of inspiration with it. Multifaceted figure, the clown uses his body in expressing himself and the world in a sincere way.
Looking for your own clown passes through physical training to develop awareness of your own body and, from it , discovering your own expressiveness through exercises of miming as well as individual and group improvisation